Recruiting for Niche and In-Demand Positions

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5 tips for finding that needle in a haystack. 

Hiring managers and recruiters will tell you there is nothing easy about finding qualified job candidates. When you start talking about niche or in-demand fields, the challenge can be even greater. Employees in these fields might have their pick of jobs. So, how can you uncover these “needles in the haystack” and find the right candidate for your company?

1. Use the right platform.

If you are seeking candidates for a niche position, it’s critical that you go where those candidates are more likely to be. Generic job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder might not yield candidates with the specific experience or education you need. For example, if you’re looking for an IT person, find platforms that cater to the tech community.

According to, “Niche job boards are ideal places for finding talent, particularly for hard-to-fill and specialized positions.”

Here are just a few examples of niche job boards for different fields:


Financial Job Bank – Specializes in accounting jobs

eFinancialCareers – For financial professionals


Authentic Jobs – Design, tech and web jobs in the US & other countries

DICE – Focuses on Technology & IT careers


Healthcare Jobsite – For healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists & technicians

ManagedCareBiz – Jobs in managed health care industry

RXInsider – Jobs for pharmacists, students and pharmacy technicians



2. Post job openings in the right category.

Keywords are one of the most important elements in website development. Search engines like Google pick up certain keywords so you can find a website. The same holds true for categories on job boards. Applicants who are looking for a job are going to search categories that match their experience and education. Identifying the most likely category will increase the chance of your ideal candidate finding you.

3. Make job descriptions do their jobs.

It starts by choosing the right job title. By right, we mean a title that should make sense to someone who comes across your job post. Then you want to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the position in the description. Make sure executives or management coordinate with your recruiter to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands exactly what the job entails as well as the qualifications needed.

4. Build an online talent community.

Choose a platform that caters to you your niche and then showcase your company’s brand, culture, and employees. Talk about the work you do and the latest “cool” projects you’ve completed. Answer questions, post blogs, share relevant industry news, host a forum…and yes…post new job openings.

5. Don’t forget trade associations and your own employees.

Industry-specific trade associations are an excellent way to connect with those who are in your field and have the right education and experience. Most associations have local, regional, and even national levels. Get involved by attending networking meetings, events, conferences, and online meet-ups. Your current employees are also a great resource. No doubt they already know others in your industry and their connections can be invaluable.

Remember that some of the best talent to be had may not even be considering a change in their position. These tips can help position your company as their next dream job, but to truly reach top candidates, it pays to work with an experienced recruiter. Mankuta Gallagher can help you find the perfect candidates for your organization, no matter what the industry.