Can you provide references from clients in my industry?

Yes, we can.

Isn’t this information on the internet?

Back in the day, directories provided by professional associations provided base level information for recruiting. Classified advertising and then job boards helped, too. These tools are now supplemented by social networks. 

But you need more than those tools can offer. Your organization needs to reach out and engage a prospective employee in a conversation about the value proposition of your current opportunity, and you need to do that effectively and efficiently. That’s what we do well.

Do you resell prior work?

No, we don’t, although we know some of our competitors do. To the extent that we have searched similar areas ─ and we almost certainly have ─ your project will benefit from resulting efficiencies. But every search we conduct involves a fresh campaign to identify and qualify talent that meets your project specification.

Every prospect and candidate is verified as to:

  • Title
  • Contact information
  • Employment
  • Experience

How can this be so inexpensive?

The Direct Sourcing model basically strips out contingent factors for both parties ─ ourselves and our customers. A good contingency firm has to work three assignments to make one placement, resulting in the higher fee. 

Customers choose us when they commit to making a hire or need specific market intelligence. Our service is essentially unbundled retained search performed for an hourly fee. We’ve deployed business workflows that maximize client ROI.

Can we meet in person?

We attend industry forums across the country throughout the year, and we’d be happy to arrange a visit to your site. Clients also like to visit our sunny Fort Lauderdale office ─ especially in winter.

Do you subcontract or employ remote staff?

Our 35 full-time employees are located in our Fort Lauderdale headquarters. We do not subcontract any part of our work.

Why should I choose your firm?

Three characteristics define our team:

  • Quality of work
  • Experience in market
  • Integrity of process

We also give you a comprehensive understanding of the contacts we made during the course of your project. No other search modality your company deploys will do that!

How much does a Direct Sourcing project cost?

A good estimate (if you haven’t worked with us before) would be one-third the cost of a contingent or retained hire for a technical individual contributor. Fees are based on hours expended, not salaries. So higher paid individuals or multiple hires result in a lower cost per hire.

Can I cancel a project once it starts?

Yes, you can. Perhaps your opening was canceled or put on hold. Or a decision was made to go with an internal hire or a previously reactivated candidate from another source. Maybe you don’t like our approach (ouch!).  No problem: you can stop a project at any time and only be responsible for hours expended as of notification.

Do you work outside the US?

A majority of our projects are performed within North America. Because many of our client companies are globally positioned, we routinely conduct searches in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Searches in those areas may be for local subsidiaries or for relocation to the US.

How do I track progress on my project?

By a weekly telephone meeting. We will recommend one to discuss progress while the project is active. Hiring managers should participate (if possible) in the first few calls, so their insights can be incorporated into the search. If you need interim reports, we can provide them at any frequency the client requests.

Who will work on my project?

We establish a team for each project, managed by a research director and implemented by one recruiter or more. Broader oversight is provided, on a consultative basis, by the owner-partner.

Who are your competitors?

We develop a close working relationship with our HR partners, who in turn use multiple talent sourcing strategies, including job postings, referral programs, social networks, and search firms.

Help! I needed this search done yesterday.  Can you do that?

Our projects typically start within three business days of approval. Once we start, candidates are presented as we identify them. The flow is quick and continuous. (It’s very common for us to produce candidates faster than our clients can process them.)

This requisition has been open for nine months… Can you help?

Not a problem. We often find that during these long open requisitions, no stored knowledge exists of what took place. Our process, however, is completely transparent as it unfolds, and all contacts made during the search are reported.

Can you help me understand what my hiring manager really wants?

Definitely. As a corporate recruiter, you may face an unfamiliar challenge. We can partner with you to gain the confidence of a hiring manager and act as an expert consultant to elucidate the true requirements for a successful hire. 

As an outside resource, we can provide market information during the search that influences your hiring manager to understand the available talent pool.

How do you determine project scope?

We’ll discuss how many candidates you expect to interview and hire, their relocation and skill parameters, and which companies to recruit from. We then produce a written scope document for your review and approval.

Is your reporting technology compatible with ours?

Yes. We use a custom client-server relationship manager to collect and report data. If you, at any point in any project, want a project report, just ask! We can instantly produce a report and send it to you as a project update.  This includes:

  • PDF files in our descriptive format
  • Spreadsheet files for your use
  • Exported data files for import into your ATS system. If you can provide access to your company ATS system, we can enter candidate information and resumes directly as they become available.

Is your staff experienced enough to represent us well?

Absolutely! Our staff is trained in the art of recruiting, so you can be confident in asking them to professionally represent your company and your opportunity. Teams focus on familiar markets to harness their experience. We have quantitative and qualitative systems in place to assure productive outcomes. 

Best of all, our clients overwhelmingly rate our performance higher than other methods, and our sourced candidates often tell our clients how pleased they are with our recruiter’s approach.

What level assignments do you work on?

Clients hire us to find individual skilled contributors up to C-level executives and board members.

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