Research. Select. Hire

Global organizations come to us for the tough searches. Skilled functional area specialists, managers, and executives. We organize their thinking around a search strategy, then we execute the plan. Our product is a comprehensive survey of qualified talent in the market of interest based on telephone outreach and interviews. We continue with a select group that best matches our client's requirements for a successful hire.

Looking for Talent in all the wrong places?

Whether you have an immediate need, are planning an expansion, or want to be sure you are on par with your competitors, we have the solution. We conduct hundreds of projects a year, perfecting our methods over the course of thousands of searches since 1994. We invite you to leverage our experience to make your own tough recruiting projects succeed.

Industries & Areas
A flexible and effective recruiting alternative to traditional contingency and retained search
Proactively Plan for new hires and gain insight into your specific talent markets
Benchmark your organization against competitors to improve your hiring and operational strategies
We offer specialty contingent and retained search services to the pharmaceutical industry
A global relief organization needed to organize the rebuilding of thousands of houses in the Caribbean. We found the operations managers that got the people back in their homes.
Global Relief
Operations Managers
An aviation manufacturer needed six senior staff engineers, each in a key technical discipline, to relocate from North America and Europe to China. We found the talent to do that.
Staff Engineers
A medical equipment company has thousands of devices located at a major medical center customers, many of them moving from room to room, all of them producing critical data that needs to be crunched by the hospitals’ enterprise data systems. We recruited the architects for this IOT project.
Internet of Things