How a Professional Recruiter Can Help You Find the Right Candidate

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8 reasons to use a professional recruiter for your next hire

Hiring the right employees for your team is crucial to the success of any business. Beyond making sure candidates have the education and experience to do the job, it’s also important to find people who share your values and fit the company culture. Many companies handle the recruiting process in-house, but it may be time to consider hiring professional recruiters for this all-important task.

Here are 8 reasons why your company might need a professional recruiter

1.  You might not have the expertise.

The ability to assess and hire job applicants is a real skill that takes a lot of time to develop. Not everyone has those skills. Even Human Resources personnel may not have the right experience to do the job effectively. Professional recruiters are individuals who have the experience and training to find great talent. It’s their only job, and they’ve spent years honing their skills, building contacts, and establishing networks among employees and employers alike.

2.  You dont have the in-house resources.

If you own a small company, you might not have the resources for a full-fledged recruiting effort. Hiring a new team member takes time and money. Do you have a dedicated Human Resources department or recruiting a team? If not, it means you or others on your staff will be pulled away from other duties in order to post job descriptions, sift through resumes and conduct interviews. In the end, it might make sense to hire a professional to handle the entire process for you.

3.  You dont have the latest recruiting technology.

The world of professional recruiting has seen a number of advancements over the years. New software can help track the status of applicants throughout the hiring process. Social media and video conferencing are just a few of the modern tools that should be employed to save time and resources throughout the hiring process, especially in the initial stages of the hiring process. If your company’s Human Resources department doesn’t have these resources, you’ll struggle to get the results you want.

4.  There seems to be constant discord in the office.

Some degree of conflict among co-workers is common, but if it’s an ongoing problem, it could be a sign that you’re hiring the wrong people. Hiring is about more than job qualifications. It’s also about personalities and office culture and making sure the two mesh together. A professional recruiter will be able to access the personality, needs, and requirements of your company and find candidates that best fit your needs.

5.  The candidates youve hired dont seem to work out.

If you’re hiring talent only to find he or she isn’t thriving or contributing the way you’d hoped, it might be a result of your hiring process.

A study by Leadership IQ found that most new hires fail because of poor interpersonal skills, which were somehow missed in the interview process. The reasons behind the failure of new hires ranged from an inability to accept feedback and difficulty managing emotions to express a lack of motivation and desire.

Professional recruiters are trained to assess these types of “soft” skills, which go beyond simply having the right degree or job experience.

6.  You have a hire turnover rate.

If you hire someone, only to have him or her quit within a year, it could be yet another sign that your hiring process is flawed. The goal is to hire people who are able to work well in your office environment and who will work towards helping your company reach its goals. Beyond a constant need to find new employees, a high turnover rate is bad for morale and results in lost productivity. It can also cost you a lot of money.

7.  It takes you too long to hire.

If your recruitment process is too slow, you could end up losing your dream candidate. These days, top talent will not wait long before accepting another job offer. This is especially common when you don’t have a dedicated HR or recruiting team. Even if you have an in-house recruiter, your process might not be efficient enough to keep up with the demand for a fast hire.

8.  You havent created a dynamic employer brand.

Successful companies attract top talent because they put effort into creating a strong employer brand. Employer branding works much like the branding of any product. It’s about communicating your goals, mission, and culture to employees in a way that makes them want to work for you. Without an employer brand, there’s no way your HR department can answer the question of why a candidate should come work for you. If you haven’t taken the time to develop an employer brand – or you don’t understand how – a professional recruiter can help you create one.

Hiring the right talent will make a difference in the success of your company. If you want to find that perfect job candidate, think about hiring a professional recruiter. If you need help filling a critical role in your company, Mankuta Gallagher has the experience to help. Contact us today to get started.