Passive Job Seekers: Who Are They and What Do They Want?

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Attracting employed recruits is challenging. Here’s a glimpse inside their world.

You might be a passive job seeker and not even know it. It seems like an oxymoron: but if you’re currently employed, and not looking for work, you’re a passive job seeker and you’re in demand! Recruitment agencies often find that those currently working successfully at their trade have a clear and present validation of their skills. It’s experience and execution all rolled up into a two-word description. if only attracting them was as simple.

Inside the mind of employed recruits

Recruiting employed talent is the recruitment equivalent of selling snow to an Inuit – if you don’t understand their mindset, you’ll never convince them your snow has an advantage over their current lot.

So, who are these elusive characters anyway?

They’re serious. There’s a reason this demographic is employed – they tend to be out in front of the game. Career coach Megan Pittsley-Fox explains, “They tend find a new job before leaving their current one and/or they pay keen attention to what is going on in their own organization so they can find a new role if they smell layoffs coming.”

They’re content. While this might seem like an obstacle, it actually creates a recruitment symbiosis. Their bills are covered and their work needs are met, so they’re not going to jump on the first offer that comes along to save their financial life. That means they know what they want, making it easier for a good recruiter to match them up with an employer they’ll be more likely to develop a long-term relationship with.

They don’t care…until they do. Passive recruits aren’t going to respond unless you really grab their attention. Form emails and other impersonal attempts at engagement typically prove to be fruitless. However, personalized outreaches can grab even the most satisfied employee’s attention: for example, showing interest in past accomplishments or current projects.

They tend to be savvy. In some ways, this goes back to having the job-need fulfilled. They can afford to approach interactions mindfully. So, be prepared for them to check you out. Make sure your website is up to date and polish up your online presence before making first contact.

How recruiters can help

Approaching passive candidates can be awkward – engagement is key, but without experience, it can be elusive. Fortunately, these are the types of challenges recruiters love.

Mankuta | Gallagher has been courting employed talent since 1994. Our recruiters know how to find the best recruits, whether they’re actively seeking a new opportunity or not. If you’re considering expanding the scope of your recruitment, we encourage you to reach out to one of experts today.