Some clients use our Organizational Research for recruiting purposes, but most are interested in benchmarking their own organization against admired competitors.

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Organization Research

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Organizational Research, Organizational Research Methods, university research, research institute, Organizational studies are kind of like the economics of an industry or company. They analyze agents of influence and assess large-scale patterns that can be used for things like recruiting top talent and benchmarking, Talent mapping. HR departments can put organization research to good use. Organization research helps recruiters spot talent in relation to potential recruiting needs. This research can reveal where top talent spends their time online, or what’s attracting them to companies. This information offers a chance to cultivate a relationship with prospects, so you’re prepared when an opening comes up. Supply chain analysis. A global scope of your industry can reveal weak links in your supply chain both leading up to and beyond your link in that chain.Corporate structure analysis. Understanding how your partnering companies, or even your competition, operate can be insightful. Organization research can let you know how many levels of management are between different positions in a company. This allows for more efficient communication, and it can help you exploit their vulnerabilities.The more you know about how your competition is performing, the more you know about what your team needs to accomplish. Organization research grants your strategists information to help set performance benchmarks as compared to your competition, or the industry as a whole.Job descriptions. How you advertise for a job is kind of like choosing a fishing lure. If you’re using the wrong bait, your target won’t even know you exist.Being tapped into current terminology informs recruiting departments on how to craft a job description that will attract top talent. Sales territories. Organization research includes identifying sales territories within industries. Businesses can use this research to target regions with little or no competition.Product offerings. If you want to know what products and variations of products are selling, guess where you can find the answers: organization research! Compliance group growth. Organization research can shed light on trends in compliance groups. Understanding these patterns offers strategic compliance information so your team’s prepared to meet laws and regulations your business might face. LinkedIn, Contact Us