Industrial Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Does your company often make a big thing out of something little?  We find the right people to build the factory, invent the things, design the process, manufacture your stuff, and get it into the hands of customers worldwide.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies conduct Manufacturing & Supply Chain recruiting projects worldwide since 1994. Our Mission is talent identification and recruitment. We provide project-based recruiting support using our direct sourcing/talent mapping model.

We’ve combined the best of the old and new recruiting methods to recruit and identify passive talent for your immediate and future needs. 

We have unbundled the costly contingency and retainer search models, allowing your organization to buy only the services your current project requires.

Fresh Research  •  Transparent Process  •  Lower Cost  •  Better Outcomes  •  No Fee per Hire

We have helped our clients make such things as:

Recruiting Technology Domain Experts through Executive Leadership

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