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There’s a software revolution happening, and you should be leading the charge.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies conduct Enterprise IT, Software & Internet recruiting projects worldwide since 1994. Our Mission is talent identification and recruitment. We provide project-based recruiting support using our direct sourcing/talent mapping model.

We’ve combined the best of the old and new recruiting methods to recruit and identify passive talent for your immediate and future needs. 

We have unbundled the costly contingency and retainer search models, allowing your organization to buy only the services your current project requires.

Fresh Research  •  Transparent Process  •  Lower Cost  •  Better Outcomes  •  No Fee per Hire

We’ve helped our clients work on things like:

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~, ~Enterprise IT, Software & Internet, Direct Sourcing / Talent Mapping / Market Intelligence services: Our process is to identify, access, and map talent from the competitive marketplace. Services are conducted globally and include Name Generation, Candidate Screening / Development, and Market Intelligence. Clients use these services to fill their talent pipeline in a project-based collaboration that is billed at hourly rates.  Enterprise IT careers, software careers, internet careers,  careers in enterprise IT, executives roles in software, executive roles in enterprise IT,  data managers,  software architecture employment, business intelligence career, product manager,  cybersecurity careers,  CIO, CSO, enterprise systems careers,  business intelligence careers, solution sales careers, operational design,  development and integration of enhancements,  global security architect, medical equipment IOT, Recruiting Initiatives: Talent Strategy- hiring pipeline, tough to fill positions, niche positions Benchmarking- benefits and compensation comparisons, functional organizational charts Creating a more versatile and diverse workforce Developing a continuous pipeline of candidates Rapid Response to internal and market change Putting yourself ahead of the competition by staying current on industry trends