Don’t Forget: Your Recruiter Is Also Your Partner

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How to make the most out of client-recruiter relationships.

It’s probably reasonable to assume most of us have fallen into it – “I’m the client: it’s their job to cater to me.” Of course, there’s nothing terribly wrong with that mindset – when we pay for a service such as talent recruitment, we expect the provider to execute with our best interests in mind, and often without a lot of involvement from us. However, we’ve found that when our clients view us as partners and allies, not just ‘service providers,’ it leads to more impactful and successful results.

5 client partner relationship builders

  1. Find beauty in dissonance. Not only is it okay to disagree, it’s beneficial. Consider it like this: if you were an astronaut, would you want NASA’s engineers to agree simply to make each other happy? Level-headed debates can seal up leaky plans, inspire new ideas, and lead to grander understandings of your industry and particular challenges.
  2. Stay connected. Respond back to emails within a reasonable time, and if there’s no communication for an unusual period, check in. The more communication, the more fluid the flow of ideas becomes and thinking aligns.
  3. Set a timeline. Making a plan and adhering to it keeps everyone focused and in the same stream of thought. Obviously, good plans are dynamic. It’s okay to change course, just as long as it’s discussed and changes are communicated effectively.
  4. Don’t keep secrets. If an unexpected challenge arises, or if plans take longer to execute than expected, whatever the situation might be, keep everyone in the loop. Promotive cooperation can be extremely productive – it nurtures helpful inquiries, creativity, and cultivates your collective vision.
  5. Believe in each other (and push each other)! One of the more profound experiences of being on a team is the feeling of having your teammates believe in you – pushing you to be the best you can be. But remember the point is to push the envelope, not crack the whip.

Find a partner you work well with

Proficiency is the bedrock of any symbiotic relationship – if one partner doesn’t live up to their functionality, the collaboration dissolves. At Mankuta | Gallagher we have more than 20 years of experience building strong partnerships with our clients, and helping them grow is our passion. For more information on teaming up with our talented recruiters, give us a call today.