Cut to the Direct Sourcing Chase: Give That Job Prospect a Call

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A good old fashioned phone call can save more than just time.

Have you ever had an argument start over a misinterpreted email or text? Clearly, it’s easy to send the wrong message without the inflection voices bring to the conversation. In the same respect, there’s significantly more information to garner from calling job candidates directly, rather than relying on an endless chain of emails.


Benefits of the direct approach

Whether it be with the assistance of a recruiting firm, or taking on the challenge alone, the “direct” element suggests just that: making direct contact with the specific prospect you’re interested in. When this connection is made over the phone, it shows a genuine state of importance that emails simply don’t bring to the table.

From the candidate’s perspective, it makes them feel special, while at the same time catching them in a more candid moment, especially if they’re not expecting the call. If it’s a scheduled call, being in the comforts of their home or office can also enable a more open, relaxed dialogue.

Better communication, both through the nuances of live conversation and the candor phone calls promote, can be a game changer. Event a short call with a prospect cuts through the electronic clutter of emails and messages and can quickly help identify personality clashes – maybe they’re rather loose with their language and therefore inappropriate for your company culture, or vice versa. Furthermore, an actual conversation is a terrific way to begin a rapport with someone who might soon become a part of your team.

Making a good impression

Standing out is essential to recruiting top talent. Prospects in candidate-driven markets can take their pick of companies to work for. The candidate experience is becoming more and more of a factor – it’s not only the applicant being vetted, but the company at the other side of the interview table as well.

Imagine being a highly recruited web developer – your email account is loaded with job opportunities, so many that you may have even stopped opening them. It’s obvious where this is going: a phone call is going to bring the full focus of their attention to you and your company – and away from that fatigue-inducing list of emails.

Failure to respect candidates’ time is at the core of negative recruiting experiences. It’s not uncommon for prospects to go through a lengthy email exchange that leads up to an interview, during which it’s discovered there’s a severe mismatch. The back and forth exchange of information between an employer and candidate during a simple 15-minute phone call could save both parties time and mental energy or solidify the desire to meet for an interview.

Recruiting a recruiting ally

Finding a perfect fit for your company might seem overwhelming – because it is! With so many possibilities via global communication, the talent pool is deeper than ever, and it can be difficult to know where to even begin looking.

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