5 Reasons Why Recruiters Are More Effective Than Job Postings

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Job postings are not always the most productive recruiting tool.

The Internet and social media have paved the way for numerous successful job posting entities, in-cluding LinkedIn and Indeed, and scores of job boards, both general and niche. Despite this, key jobs go unfilled each month, and recruiting agencies are reporting increased business, proving that job postings are not always an optimal recruiting tool.

It’s inefficient and time-consuming to continually create job postings and wade through high numbers of applicants, only to find most of them are unsuitable. In fact, the talent you need and want to hire almost never “applies” for any position. Recruiting firms, more than ever, provide what it takes for companies to locate and hire these elusive passive candidates. They bypass the application process completely and use market intelligence, relationships, and networks to access highly qualified talent who aren’t necessarily looking to make a move, but who are likely to be a much better fit.

Here are a few reasons why working with a recruiter can be more effective than online job postings:

  1. Knowledge: Recruiters are experts in their fields. Why? It’s how they earn a living. To be success-ful, professional recruiters need to have market insight and connections. They know where the talent is, and how to not only reach them, but how to entice potential talent to entertain other opportunities. That means a good recruiter knows about salaries, benefit packages, career paths, and more. More than a static job posting can convey.
  2. Depth: Good candidates are often difficult to locate. Why? Because good candidates may be pas-sive, already working elsewhere, or discriminating, having been contacted so many times they are wary of approach. The best recruiting agencies have a network of satisfied clients and collabora-tors, and a depth and history of credibility that makes quality candidates more receptive to dis-cussing job opportunities and possibilities.
  3. Candidates: Candidates are not the same as applicants. Applicants have an interest in a job posi-tion, but they may not have the skills. Candidates, on the other hand, have the skills, but some-times need to be informed about the job position. Differentiating between the two can be a time-consuming process. Good recruiting firms can quickly determine one from the other, which saves both valuable time and other resources.
  4. Branding: Big companies invest a fortune in branding—who they are, and what they have to offer. Smaller companies may have equally defined identities and ambition, but do not put resources in-to advertising their brand. Good recruiting agencies take the time to get to know their client. Therefore, when they set out to fill a position, they seek candidates who best represent the goals and ideals of the company that is hiring.
  5. Budgeting: It’s been said many times in business—time is money. There are time constraints to seeking and locating the best employees. When hiring managers interview from recruiting agency candidate short lists, rather than from a plethora of post-reply applicants, it’s easier to stay on-budget and fill positions with the best talent.

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