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Training MattersIt’s not about the money….

 When people say “It’s not about the money”, it might actually be true. The average tenure of a restaurant manager is only four months and four days. That time period is not even long enough for the manager to reach their six-month review or raise. If money is not the only deciding factor, then why do many restaurant managers leave?
   A large factor in management turnover is poor onboarding and training procedures. Statistics show that 28% of restaurant companies have no employee handbook, 43% have no training manual, and 52% offer no safety training. New managers are often thrown into a position they are not ready for because the person that was filling that position previously has abruptly vacated the position. Managers quickly become overwhelmed by the stresses, long hours, and high pressures of the position that they are not fully trained to handle. This leads to burnout, and the “revolving door” effect we see so much with restaurant managers.
   I spent eighteen years in management with my last restaurant company. It was a company with a great onboarding and initial training program, as well as ongoing training each month. I was better prepared to handle the day to day challenges that naturally come with this high-stress position.  As a result,  I always felt like I had the knowledge to do the job that was expected of me. I never had a strong urge to leave my job as many of my colleagues in other restaurants did.
   Many restaurant companies boast of industry leading compensation packages, as well as world-class benefits. While I believe those items to be very important for attracting top class talent, I believe a comprehensive orientation and onboarding process, as well as an ongoing training program, is the best way to retain and get the best out of your restaurant managers.
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